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I'm aware that a lot of people have uploaded this already, however, I have looped it for your listening pleasure, and will try to do so with more themes. Thanks to eventhubs for uploading the picture and theme.


As the eye can see! The eye can see! The eye can see! The eye can see!

Bless me with your gift of light Righteous cause on judgment night Feel the sorrow the light has swallowed Feel the freedom like no tomorrow

Killed before, a time to kill them all Passed down the righteous law Serve a justice that dwells in me Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see

Midnight calling Mist of resolving Crown me, with the Pure green leaf (Girl!)

Praise to my father (The powers proven to end the madness) Blessed by the water (Upon I take it to end the savage) Black night, dark sky (The rays of light a truth of meaning) The devils cry (To my father the blood is pleading)

Bless me with the (A justice rage for all to feel) Leaf off of the tree (With innocent cries and hatred squeals) On it I see (The gore of evil seems to satisfy) The freedom reign (When slain an maimed and pacified)

Thanks to Hamat34 for the lyrics.

Everything in this video belongs to Capcom and/or Marvel.

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