Ammy! Chill out! Don't you know it's bad to bite people who are down on their luck?

Issun, via Amaterasu's victory quote.

Amaterasu, also known as Ammy, is the main protagonist of Ōkami, a video game by Capcom. She is the Sun Goddess to all of Nippon and the ruler of the Celestial Plain. She is accompanied by Issun, a traveling artist.

Amaterasu is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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Amaterasu, in keeping with her wolf nature, is gentle, loving and utterly loyal to her friends (as shown when she wept with great sorrow in her refusal to let Issun go when she boarded the Ark of Yamato even though she knew well he could not go with her) but is crushing and relentless towards those with evil in their hearts. She at times falls asleep when people have long talks with her and so she may be easily bored. Perhaps due to Issun's encouragement of "Leap before you think.", she may have become more brash when dealing with certain situations.

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To master Amaterasu, you'll need to learn how to use all three of her weapons and their techniques, and seamlessly transition to the correct weapon for the situation at hand. Amaterasu is one of the most versatile characters in the game. She can play any situation; rush down, run away, keep away, punishing, and has some of the best assists in the game as well. Much of the game's keepaway doesn't work on her, because she can simply crouch underneath any threat. Players looking for a jack of all trades, master of all trades character will be at home with Amaterasu, so long as they can handle having a very low amount of health. When used as a rushdown character, Amaterasu can use her high speed and small hit-box to close with the opponent and unleash fast combos. She also works well at range with her Devout Beads, as they give her long reach, quick, low-damage combinations, and lock the opponent into a standstill, allowing you to chain into a with other attacks. Using her Tundra Beads ability also provides some lock down and anti-air game.

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  • Beating Akuma with Amaterasu has Issun noticing how much Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu resembles Mrs. Orange baking cherry cakes.
  • One of Ammy's win-quotes in Ultimate has Issun state, "So, Ammy...I hear you've got a little pup now, already running off on his own adventures. They grow up so fast!", a reference to Ōkamiden, a game which has Amaterasu's son, Chibiterasu, as the main character.
  • Amaterasu was confirmed on July 21, 2010 alongside Thor.
    • Her Marvel counterpart appears to be Thor, as they were announced as playable characters at roughly the same time, rather fitting, considering that they're both benevolent gods who wield elemental powers (Amaterasu via the Celestial Brush, Thor via Mjolnir). However, their playstyles are very polar: Ammy focuses on quick combos ensuring her effectiveness as a rushdown, whereas Thor deals great damage at every hit, though is somewhat slower than other characters. Also, Thor is arguably the most talkative character in MVC3, whereas Amaterasu has no dialogue at all. The Celestial Brush is also a part of Amaterasu's being as she always has possession of it (in-game dialogue mentions that she uses her tail to wield it) as long as she has ink for her brush strokes, while Thor must carry and wield Mjoinir to use it. Thor also has a special intro quote while fighting against her, saying how "fitting it is that two gods meet in battle thusly". And when Thor beats her, he will state how "honored he is to have fought a fellow goddess of such valor".
  • X-23 has a character-specific Victory Quote for Ammy, wherein she makes a reference to Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair), a mutant that can change between three forms (those being that of a human, a wolf, and one in between the first two) specifically asking Amaterasu if the two are related.
  • In Amaterasu's ending, she is seen in Marvel's Savage Land, with Issun complaining about wanting to take a quicker way out. She is seen fighting alongside Ka-Zar, Shana, and Zabu against a dinosaur (both the dialogue in this scene and Amaterasu's moveset, imply that her ending takes place sometime before she boarded the Ark of Yamato, but after she acquired the Tundra Beads).
  • When being tagged in, Amaterasu is referred to by name (or at least part of it) the least out of all the characters. Instead, characters tend to refer to her as "dog." Hulk refers to her as "Dog", Felicia refers to her as "Puppy", and Trish refers to her as "Here Pooch".
  • Interestingly, Akuma calls Amaterasu (and the other non-humanoids) "Devil" despite her being what many would consider the complete opposite of such (although in Ōkami, the Blockhead clan referred to her as the "White Demon of Death" after she defeated some of them).
  • Issun's after-match quote to Akuma makes a reference to an optional event in the original Ōkami, where visiting Mrs. Orange during the night would trigger a scene where she bakes Cherry Cakes by striking a pose similar to Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu (including the visual and sound effects).
  • Amaterasu's right (or left depending on direction facing) + H attack (and then repeatedly pressing H) performs her basic combo in Ōkami for each weapon. The Devout Beads and Tsumugari even feature their in-game abilities which are the ability to hit multiple times with a single strike and the ability to charge each attack, respectively.
  • She has no Victory Pose other than her standard one, involving her sitting down, yawning and then lying down, while Issun bounces around her. This is likely a reference to what happens in Ōkami when the player leaves her stationary for too long (although in that case, when she's lying down, she sleeps until the player moves her with the controller).
  • One of her standard after-match quotes in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 indirectly mentions Chibiterasu (her son, who was the main character in Ōkamiden).
  • Her dash is the Brush Technique Vine. Her throw is the Brush Technique Galestorm. Her TAC attack is the Brush Technique Cherry Bomb.

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