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Amingo is one of the four characters introduced in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. He is a member of a race of Man-Plants. He is on a journey to find the source of the death of all plant life on Earth.


Amingo is a member of a race known as the Man-Plants (人植物, hito-shokubutsu?), characterized by their cheerful and gentle personality. Amingo is a big-bellied cactus man wearing Mexican clothes and carrying a guitar with him. Although sentient, Amingo appears to speak exclusively by repeating his own name.

When a cursed wind started killing off all plant life on land, Amingo decided to venture on a journey to find its cause. He'd later discover the awakening of the ancient Armor of Erosion is the origin of this wind. During the ending's ride back home on Ruby Heart's ship, he can be seen onboard offering a flower to either Shuma-Gorath (Arcade version) or Rogue (home consoles version).

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Amingo (mispelled "Amingos") makes a cameo in the Days of Future Past stage, featured in a giant wanted poster in the background, with a "Slain" bar over his mugshot.


Special Attacks[]

Move Name Input
Kaze No Sakebi Can be used in air30pxQuarter circle forward30px + Any punch30px
Midori No Kanki Quarter circle back30px + Any punch30px
Daichi no Kodomo Quarter circle forward30px + Any kick30px
Daichi no Kodomo (Grab) Quarter circle back30px + Any kick30px
  • Shout of the Wind (風の叫び, kaze no sakebi?) - Amingo turns into a ball and hurls himself directly towards the opponent. (Can also be done in the air).
  • Joy of Green (緑の歓喜, midori no kanki?) - A plant shoots Amingo upward and he turns into a spiked ball.
  • Child of the Ground (grab) (大地の子供(掴み), daichi no kodomo (tsukami)?) - Summons a little cactus and slowly jumps towards the opponent. Its unblockable and once it latches on, stuns them for a while allowing Amingo to combo. (Two allowed at the same time).
  • Child of the Ground (punch) (大地の子供(パンチ), daichi no kodomo (panchi)?) - Similar to the move above, the only difference is this cactus attacks with its fist. (Two allowed at the same time). Also has a variation where the cactus kicks the opponent, Child of the Ground (kick) (大地の子供(キック), daichi no kodomo (kikku)?).
  • Life/Defense-Up Fruit - An assist-only attack. Amingo leaves a fruit to his teammate, which recovers a bit of health (Alpha assist) or increases defense (Beta assist).
Assist Attacks
Set Type Assist Counter Cross-Over
α Heal Life Up Fruit Plant Spike Anti-Air Vine
β Enhance Defense-Up Fruit Ball Attack Anti-Air Vine
γ Balance Ball Attack Plant Spike Anti-Air Vine

Hyper Combos[]

Move Name Input
Taiyou no Megumi Quarter circle forward30px + Any kick30pxAny kick30px
Shokubutsu no Okite Quarter circle back30px + Any punch30pxAny punch30px
  • Rule of the Plants (植物の掟, shokubutsu no okite?) - Amingo shoots his arm to the ground and travels slowly towards the opponent. If it connects, Amingo will proceed to throw them inside of him and bounce around with them inside.
  • Boon of the Sun (太陽の恵, taiyō no megumi?) - Amingo creates a multi-hitting vine that shoots straight up. It's able to hit jumping characters, being useful as an anti-air move.



  • It is often rumored Amingo was originally a character for a planned but finally canceled Capcom game. As this has never been officially confirmed, it is unknown what kind of game he'd have been involved with, if true.
  • Amingo appears as a character card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 and Card Fighters DS.

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