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Anakaris is a character from the Darkstalkers series by Capcom. He was the twelfth pharaoh of Egypt, before becoming an animated mummy.

Anakaris is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.


In the fourth installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Anakaris makes a surprising selection for the Capcom camp. This incarnation of Anakaris is slightly faster and he maintains most of his Darkstalkers moves, with slight exaggerations. One of his new EX Moves is the Serpent Coffin which is an enhanced version of his Cobra Blow. In this variation, Anakaris opens his coffin and releases three to four giant serpents at a time thrusting very fast horizontally. Repeatedly tapping the buttons increases the number of serpents coming out. His only unique Super Combo in the Marvel vs. Capcom series is the Pharoah Illusion whereupon he transforms into a gigantic form of himself with his hands suspended in the air and volleying the opponent back and forth.

Anakaris is the slowest character in the series in terms of mobility (from his walk to his jump). While this would seem to be a great disadvantage, many skilled Anakaris players have been able to find benefits for his slowness. His jump, for example, is more or less an aerial float that lasts a little over three seconds before landing. In between the launch and the land, Anakaris can either float backward or stay suspended in the air for a fixed time. While suspended and floating, Anakaris can move horizontally in either direction and can even ascend if needed. This tactic makes Anakaris a superior challenge in the air.

To counter balance Anakaris slow walk and dash, he possesses a unique backward dash when performed at the corner of a screen. Upon dashing backward, he vanishes from one end of the corner and reappears to the opposite end. This makes for a quick getaway if his opponent plans on trapping him in the corner.

Anakaris possess the most unconventional array of special moves compared to other characters in the series. The Pharaoh’s Curse, a slow moving air-to-ground projectile, turns the opponent into a small vulnerable icon of their original self for a short period of time. During the transformation, the opponent can only jump or move backward or forwards. This unique move has been a trademark for Anakaris and has become very popular for Capcom as well. Anakaris also has unique projectile moves, which involve him putting his limbs into an entrance portal and coming out another. This takes a considerable amount of time and leaves a huge blind spot between him and his attacking limb.

Special Attacks[]

  • Cobra Blow: Anakaris attacks with a big mummy cobra. Light Version is weaker but has a fast start time, while Hard version is stronger but has a slow start. (Can also be done in the air).
  • Sarcophagus Drop: Anakaris throws a sarcophagus from the sky, The distance to where it's dropped is depended on what button is pressed. (Can also be done in the air).
  • Doll Curse: Anakaris throws a projectile from his mouth. If it hits the opponent they will turn into a doll. In this form, they can't do much but run. (Can only be done in the air).
  • Miira Drop: Command throw, when connected ensnares the foe in bandages and moving them about then throwing them. (Can also be done in the air).
  • Pyramid Dive: Anakaris does a dive. Only one pyramid dive can be done each time you jump. (Can only be done in the air).
Assist Attacks
Set Type Assist Counter Cross-Over
α Ground Cobra Blow Cobra Blow Pharaoh Cobra Blow
β Throw Miira Drop Miira Drop Pharaoh Illusion
γ Variety Sarcophagus Drop Sarcophagus Drop Hyper Sarcophagus Drop

Hyper Combos[]

  • Pharaoh Cobra Blow (Level 1): Anakaris opens a sarcophagus and shoots out a bunch of cobra mummies at his opponent everytime a button is pressed. Different buttons can be pressed so the cobra can be thrown in different areas. (Can also be done in the air).
  • Hyper Sarcophagus (Level 1): Summons a bunch of sarcophagus to fall on top of the opponent's head. (Can also be done in the air).
  • Pharaoh Illusion (Level 1): Anakaris vanishes and appears in the background of the screen at a gigantic size. Using his hands to attack, he can juggle the opponent if used correctly.
  • Eternal Slumber (Level 1): Anakaris casts a spell and aims a projectile towards the opponent. If it connects, a series of spells activates. The opponent gets burned, then frozen, then electrocuted, ending with a gigantic sarcophagus landed on top of their head. (Can also be done in the air).


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