Apocalypse, real name En Sabah Nur, is a character from the X-Men series by Marvel. He is an ancient mutant, turned cyborg, who can manipulate his own molecular structure to augment his abilities

Apocalypse is the final boss of X-Men vs. Street Fighter and the penultimate boss of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Apocalypse is easily one of the most powerful mutants who ever lived. Apocalypse is an Alpha-Level mutant. After exposure to the Celestial Ship, all of Apocalypse's powers have been enhanced far beyond their original limits. Apocalypse possesses superhuman strength that he can further increase by drawing upon outside energy sources. His body produces practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity. He can exert himself at peak capacity indefinitely.

Apocalypse has total control over the molecular structure of his body and can alter it at will. This means that matter manipulation has no effect on him, and can adapt his molecular structure to any adversity.

Apocalypse's original body was immortal, even before being modified by the Celestial ship, he had lived for thousands of years. Apocalypse can enter a coma-like state of suspended animation during which he may recover from any wounds with the assistance of his Celestial technology. The down side of his altering by the Celestials and his enhancement was that the techno-organic virus needed to allow this to happen ravaged his body requiring him to find new ones over the years. to directly interface with various technologies he has at his disposal.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

You are no longer fit to survive!


Apocalypse is the first character of the Marvel vs Capcom series to grow to a giant size before fighting, his attacks are mainly made by the transformations of his fist into attack objects. If you have to fight him, you must target either his head or his fist in order to deal damage. And plus, if you get behind him, he'll be at a great disadvantage as he can't turn around. However 2 satellites that float above him will shoot out a laser from a cannon that attaches from Apocalypse's backside that can bounce from one satellite to another and targets the player from its position. Also, one characteristic is that in everyone of his appearances, he always shouts a phrase before growing to a size that is similar to that of Galactus in MVC 3. Despite Apocalypse's attacks being very strong, his moves are quite slow but not easy to avoid.

Special Moves[edit | edit source]

  • Satellite Probes: Two satellites will float above Apocalypse and automatically shoots a laser from a cannon that attaches from Apocalypse's backside that bounces one another to the player where it stands. These things can be destroyed but new ones will come out afterwards.
  • Spiked Mace: Apocalypse's fist turns into a spiked mace and slams it to the ground.
  • Hammer Pound Wave: Apocalypse use his fist that will hit the ground and columns of energy will erupt from the ground similar to that of Magneto's Magnetic Shockwave. Its strength determines the height and distance of the columns of energy and can be repeated up to 3 times in which the latter is the strongest.
  • Wide Range Fireballs: Apocalypse's cannon turrets appear from its top shouders and shoot a fireball that bursts into smaller shots in a wide range arc.
  • Homing Fireballs: Same description as before but Apocalypse shoots homing shots that targets the player wherever it goes. It lands a total of 16 hits in total.
  • Giant Drill: Apocalypse leans back, transforms his fist into a giant drill and charges through the other side of the screen. Very powerful and inflicts more hits, it is advised to use advancing guard at times or simply use super jump to escape because blocking alone can also cause huge amount of block chipping damage.
  • Eye Blast: An added move from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Apocalypse uses the same start-up like the Giant Drill but with a glare from its eyes, he uses this attack that charges foward with continuous firing.

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