Arch Cut
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Arch Cut
User Strider Hiryu
Damage 63,000

Right+Attack h

Properties None

Arch Cut (斬り払い, Kiriharai; lit. Cutting Sweep) is one of Strider Hiryu's command normals.

Hiryu lunges slightly forward while slicing his sword downwards. This move is similar to the Ame-No-Murakumo, except it lacks the blue special effects and the added properties of Ame-No-Murakumo.

This was originally Hiryu's Heavy Kick animation, but the button layout of Ultimate causes this move to be a command normal. It gains ground-bounce properties and a bit more startup time as a trade-off.

Hiryu also has a similar motion used for his sweep/crouching Heavy Kick and his original jumping Heavy Kick (which is instead his j.S in Ultimate), where he does an outward clearing slash.