Berserker Barrage
Berserker Barrage
User Wolverine
Hits 2~8
Damage Varies
Execution Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Properties Mashable

"Beserker Barrage!"

The Berserker Barrage attacks are Wolverine's trademark attacks in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series.

Berserker BarrageEdit

Wolverine rapidly slashes his claws while dashing forward. You can mash attack buttons during this move to add 2 more hits to this move and cause a knock down. It's unsafe on block and difficult to cover with crossover assists, so it should only be used in combos. It's very useful for adding damage in situations where hitstun has scaled severly. This attack is good for pushing enemies into corners, and can easily be super cancelled into Berserker Barrage X. This attack is also avalible as one of Wolverine's assist attacks.

Berserker Barrage DamageEdit

  • Light Version: 2-4 hits (66,500~104,900 damage)
  • Medium Version: 4-6 hits (103,000~134,100 damage)
  • Heavy Version: 6-8 hits (131,000~156,100 damage)


  • Push your opponent into the corner early with a heavy Berserker Barrage, and cancel into the Berserker Barrage X.

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