Berserker Charge
Berserker Charge
User Wolverine
Meter Cost One
Hits N/A
Damage N/A
Execution Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Attack x2
Properties 30% Speed Boost

"Berserker Charge!"
—Spoken during Berserker Charge HC.

Berserker Charge is one of Wolverine's most important Hyper Combos. Wolverine becomes 30% faster for 300 frames (5 seconds). In this mode, his Berserker Barrage is safe on block, and combo after in without assists. You can cancel out of any normal or special attack into this hyper mode.

You do not gain hyper meter while Berserker Charge is active. This is a significant detriment, as landing a combo while in Berserker Charge causes you to lose one to two bars, all while you opponent is gaining hyper meter by getting hit. Be sure not to over use Berserker Charge so you don't find yourself at a massive disadvantage.

Generally, you won't want to activate Berserker Charge purely for the increased speed; it's mainly used to cancel Berserker Slash. However, activating Berserker Charge while already using X-Factor makes a huge difference: the combined speed boosts is enough to allow jumping L to combo into Drill Claw.


  • You can use this attack to safely DHC out of missed or blocked hyper combos.
  • If you hit with Berserker Slash, cancel into Berserker Charge to go into a full combo. If Berserker Slash is blocked, you can still salvage the situation by immediatly mixing up your opponent.
  • Tagging in another teammate while Berserker Charge is active retains the Speed Boost effect while Wolverine remains inactive, making his assist attacks 30% faster.
  • This hyper is able to cancel the slowing effect of Viewtiful Joe's Viewtiful God Hand.

Berserker Charge

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