Berserker Rage
Berserker Rage
User Wolverine
Hits 4+
Damage 68,600+
Execution Arcade Modifier TapAttack button
Properties Mashable

"Swiss Cheese!"

Berserker Rage is Wolverine's new special attack in UMvC3. It's very similar to Chun-Li's Hyakuretsukyaku, but not as effective. It's difficult to find a use for Berserker Rage in Wolverine's general gameplan since it adds a large amount of hitstun and damage scaling to Wolverine's combos, and pushes Wolverine away if it's guarded. If your opponent is guarding, you should use crouching L or Berserker Slash instead. Berserker Rage has a very large hitbox and frame advantage if guarded, but the opponent can use advancing guard to push Wolverine away.

Berserker Rage DamageEdit

  • Light Version: 4~18 hits (68,600~169,200 damage)
  • Medium Version: 4~26 hits (68,600~187,400 damage)
  • Heavy Version: 4~52 hits (68,600~239,400 damage)


  • It only takes 3 consecutive button presses to execute Berserker Rage. Be careful not to perform this attack by mistake.
  • Berserker Rage can be used to create an infinite combo. Use Spencer's Wire Grip H assist to pull your opponent past Wolverine so that you can hit the back of your opponent's hitbox with Berserker Rage while standing back-to-back to his victim. You can either use Wolverine's Sliding Claw or Berserker Charge to slip under the opponent during Spencer's assist attack. This infinite only work of a few character's with large hitboxes, such as Nemesis, Hulk, Sentinel & Tron. (fixed, no longer works)


  • When UMvC3 was first announced, Berserker Rage was one of the first new attacks featured in the trailers. It was called "Swiss Cheese" because of Wolverine's quote when he uses this attack.
  • This move is based on a ability that Wolverine has called "Beserker Rage" where he would lose contol mostly in close qourters combat and would be more resistant to psionic attacks or mind reading.

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