Blodia Punch

Blodia Punch (ブロディアパンチ, Burodia Panchi) is one of Jin's Hyper Combos. Jin delays and throws out his Heavy Punch animation, followed by the fist of his Variant Armor Blodia. Blodia's fist travels all the way across the screen and hits several times on its own (if the opponent is beyond Jin's fist or behind him), and the last hit will force the opponent to fly off the screen. If Jin's fist connects, the opponent will fly across the screen to be hit by the final hit from Blodia's fist.

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  • The Blodia Punch is also used by Sylphie the Shopkeeper in Namco X Capcom, and Devilot in Project X Zone. In the latter's case, she accidentally hits herself with the fist as well as the target.

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