Yeah! Now we're talking... BOOYAH!

Spoken during Blue Light Special

Blue Light Special is one of Frank West's Hyper Combos. Frank grabs a shopping cart with four chainsaws taped to it, and then charges forward with the cart. The cart is based on Steven Chapman's cart from Dead Rising, with a few differences (i.e. chainsaws instead of cleavers).

This is the only Hyper Combo of Frank's that doesn't require any Prestige Points or gets stronger depending on what photography level Frank is.

Tactics Edit

  • This is a good move for crossover combinations after an air combo because it is an OTG Hyper Combo.

Trivia Edit

  • The contents of the shopping cart are: a zombie, a Servbot head mask, two spiked bats, a broom, a fireaxe and a plunger.
  • The position of the zombie is the same as unconscious Isabella in the original Dead Rising.
  • The first line gets cut off when Frank uses this move, making it sound like he's only saying "Yeah, now we're..." before shouting "BOOYAH!"
  • The attack is named after the Blue Light Special, a special discount sale from the American department store Kmart.
  • The move is known as Dead Riding (デッドライディング Deddo Raidingu) in the Japanese version of the game.
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