Bold Move
Bold Move
User Dante
Damage 0
Execution Attack+Special
Properties Special Cancellable

Bold Move is one of Dante's special moves, where he performs a forward flip which is special cancellable (possibly based off of his home series' jump cancel mechanic). This is usually used for Bold Cancelling which involves cancelling Stinger into this move into one of Dante's Special/Hyper Moves.

Bold Cancelling TipEdit

To Bold Cancel from Stinger to special, you must press Attack+Special before Stinger hits your opponents while they are guarding or not. Once Stinger is hit after Attack+Special before hit, you can cancel to other special/hyper moves before the it goes to Bold Jumping.

Example: Right+Attack h (press Attack+Special before Stinger hits) > (once Stinger is hit, and Attack+Special was used before Stinger hits) AS S+Attack m