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Cammy White is a character from the Street Fighter series by Capcom. She was a deadly assassin who worked for M. Bison in Shadaloo, before breaking free and becoming an MI6 operative for the British government.

Cammy appeared in X-Men vs. Street Fighter as a playable character and returned in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.



Cammy is petite with blue eyes and unusually long blonde pigtails with a scar on her left cheek. Her legs were lightly adorned with a lightning bolt design (except in Street Fighter V).

Her appearance in 2D era Marvel vs. Capcom games is based on her Shadaloo’s Killer Bee incarnation from Street Fighter Alpha, which was prior to her classic Delta Squad incarnations from Street Fighter II onwards. The Alpha-Cammy wears a light blue leotard with an open back and a small yellow tie attached to the front, a small blue garrison cap, pointed brown combat boots, and the same red gauntlets as her classic “Delta Squad” incarnation. lightning bolt design’s color on her legs is light blue. Alpha-Cammy’s uniform is a lighter version of the Shadaloo Doll uniform, and swaps the standard tights for the bare legged, lightning bolt design.


X-Men vs. Street Fighter[]

Cammy loses her memories after the battle. She is approached by Matsu'o Tsurayaba to join in their ninja clan. Psylocke defeats the ninjas and tells Cammy to choose her own destiny. Three years later, Cammy joins the special forces unit "Delta Red".


Cammy is a quick, close range fighter. She lacks any projectile or long-reaching attacks, and therefore hurls herself at the enemy relying on speed and priority. For example, her standing hard punch can often cancel an opponent's attack outright, if it connects.

Many of Cammy's special and super moves are endowed with blue flames characteristic of Psycho Power. She also receives the Cannon Revenge, which is a counter move that has her automatically retaliating against physical attacks with a floating punch or a Cannon Spike. In these games, she can also double jump or triple jump.

Special Attacks[]

  • Cannon Drill (Spiral Arrow): Cammy's forward offensive attack, causes her to lunge forward, feet first, while spinning. Distance she travels depends on the strength of the kick button.
  • Spin Knuckle: Cammy hops forward and does a backhand attack. Distance she travels depends on the strength of the punch button.
  • Cannon Spike: Cammy's anti-air move causes her to quickly kick one leg upward into the air, twisting her body and flipping backward, putting her at a safe range from the opponent when the move completes.
  • Cannon Revenge: Cammy enters a counter pose. When hit by a physical move Cammy will counterattack.
  • Air Cannon Spike: An airborne version of Cammy's Cannon Spike attack.
  • Hooligan Combo: Cammy jumps towards the opponent while spinning in the air. Her actions during this attack depends on the inputs of a button.
    • Punch: If Cammy is nowhere near the opponent it will simply cancel the spin.
    • Punch: When Cammy is close she will grab her opponent.
    • Kick: Cammy performs a Cannon Strike.
    • No buttons inputted: Cammy performs a sweep as she lands.
Assist Attacks
Set Type Assist Counter Cross-Over
α Anti-Air Cannon Spike Cannon Spike Spin Drive Smasher
β Dash Cannon Drill Cannon Drill Spin Drive Smasher
γ Expansion Axle Spin Knuckle Axle Spin Knuckle Killer Bee Assault

Hyper Combos[]

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  • Her official artwork and in-game assets from X-Men vs. Street Fighter are reused in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, presumably sometimes after the first release of the said first Marvel vs. Capcom entry game where her Alpha incarnation debuted.
    • In Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Capcom vs. SNK games, she is voiced by different Japanese voice actresses respectively instead of being voiced by English voice actress.

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