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I consider it my duty and honor to fight for justice.

Captain America

Captain America, real name Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers, is superhero from the Marvel Comics. He is an Avenger, and a symbol of a America since the 1940s. He is a super soldier with enhanced physical abilities and durability, and wields a circular Vibranium shield.

Captain America debuted in Marvel Super Heroes and has appeared in every game in the series since Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.



Captain America's appearance is based in his recurring design in the comics. His costume bears the colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue. His cowl features holes for his eyes, and opens up for the bottom part of his face. On his forehead is a large A, with two wings on the sides of his mask. He wears a lightweight, bulletproof scale armor made of duralumin, a star in his chest, and red and white stripes on his stomach. The blue scales stop on his upper arms, with the rest being covered by white sleeves and red gloves. He wears blue pants and red boots. His shield is an experimental alloy hybrid of Vibranium and iron, bonded with an unknown catalyst, and is painted with a red and white stripe's with ablue circle in the center containing a white star.


Captain America is a loyal and patriotic soldier. He is a very dedicated friend, and has a set group of ideals. He will not risk an ally lightly, and would die before a single innocent victim is harmed. He is strictly opposed to any form of oppression, and will do anything to stop or prevent them. He is not above casting himself out of his government should they be in the wrong, an instance that has occurred a few times during his role in Marvel, specifically the Secret Empire and the Superhero Civil War. Due to the different timeline, he sometimes talks about things from his era and has difficulty comprehending modern concepts. His patriotism has eventually mellowed, as he often sides with those who usually have similar causes to him no matter what differences he has with them. He also holds no animosity for any other country, and will help them should the need arise.


The Super-Soldier Serum enhanced all Rogers' abilities beyond the limits to even the finest human athletes. He possesses enhanced athletic abilities, durability, healing, and lifespan.

Captain America primarily uses his shield as a weapon in battle. The Vibranium properties of his shield enable it to absorb virtually all of the kinetic energy directed against it without injuring wielder in the process. The Vibranium is also a factor in the way Rogers throws his shield: he often uses it to ricochet around a room and strike various opponents with little loss of velocity in its forward movement after each impact.


Marvel Super Heroes[]

Captain America joins with Thor and throws the Infinity Gems to the black hole. They both return to Earth to resume their hero duties.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds[]

The Captain is honored by the President of the United States for his service. The President bears a strong resemblance to former President, Barack Obama. In Ultimate, the President is replaced by Nick Fury.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite[]

Eighty-eight days after the dimensional convergence on Xgard, Captain America is on a dangerous mission with the other heroes to distract Ultron Sigma and their forces to rescue Thanos. They successfully retrieve Thanos and retreat back to the Avengers Tower. The Captain has an altercation with Iron Man, not supporting the release of Thanos. Eventually, the heroes settle on a plan to split up to find the Infinity Stones, while Iron Man, Hawkeye, Dr. Light and Spencer guard their prisoner.

With the Time Stone in Black Panther's possession, Captain America travels to Valkanda along with Chun-Li, Ryu and the Hulk. They ask for the king's help, but discover that an attack was launched by Ultron Sigma's drone and an infected Dah'ren Mohran. They are joined by Monster Hunter and successfully defend the city. Black Panther tells the heroes that he and Monster Hunter cannot join them to defeat Ultron Sigma and must stay on low from that fused Maverick robots. Captain America receives the Time Stone as gratitude.


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  • He was confirmed in Game Informer's May 2010 issue, also featuring Dante, Deadpool and Felicia.
  • He is one of the last 7 fighters that has made an appearance as a playable character in every single Marvel vs. Capcom game since the first one.
  • Captain America had a Shield Slash infinite that can be seen here. On April 15, the infinite was removed in the 1.03 patch update.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Captain America's rival seems to be Felicia, because they both have dreams. Cap has the American Dream (due to the love of his country) and Felicia has a dream of becoming a pop star.
  • Captain America is featured on the cover of the Guinness World Records 2011: Gamer's Edition, in his original Marvel vs. Capcom 3 artwork appearance.
  • His rivalry with Chris Redfield for being a great leaders on both sides in a first trailer of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 also leads Chris' voice actor, Roger Craig Smith voices Cap in post-2012 after the success of the Avengers film, and because of the voice actor's performance in voicing a patriotic leader type characters does suits him.
    • This also becoming more evident in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, where they are the leaders of respective universe's group of heroes.

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