Captain Commando is one of the main characters of Captain Commando, a video game developed and published by Capcom. He is a super hero and leader of the "Commando Team". He and his team strive to protect the Earth and the Galaxy from crimes and mischief.

Captain Commando is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.

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Like most of his peers in the Commandos, his origins are in mystery as well. Though born in the US in the year 2000 and was 26 years of age, he was able to obtain special ruby shades that allow him to summon his armor. His weapons include an Energy Glove, allowing him to use his special moves such as Captain Corridor, emitting high voltages of electricity and the Captain Fire, emitting fire from the same glove as well. A performed action called Captain Sword actually assembles his entire team from his original game to attack.

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Captain Commando is one of the many jack-of-all-trades type characters, not only that, most of his normal moves boast some good usage and reach. One thing unique about the Captain is that his throw has random effects, either he attacks the foe himself or one of his teammates pop in to do the job. In MVC1 and MVC2, Captain Commando's Captain Corridor is one of the best anti-air moves in the game, making him great in terms of baiting, punishing, and it makes him a godly assist in MVC2.

Special Attacks Edit

  • Captain Fire: Cap makes a gout flame shoot out from his gauntlet. This attack can also be used in the air, and reaches full screen very quickly. This move is called Captain Cannon in the original Captain Commando game.
  • Captain Corridor: Cap slams the ground with his fist creating a giant pillar of electricity. This move comes out VERY quickly. The punch button pressed determines the range at where the attack erupts, with LP being right at Cap's position, MP being one cm forward, while HP is sweep distance.
  • Captain Kick: Cap flies forward with a flaming kick. Stronger kick buttons mean a higher arc of flight. Knocks down if it hits.
  • Commando Strike (Ginzu/Mack/Baby Head): Depending on the attack buttons you press, this move summons one of the following characters. Cannot be used after if any other moves that involve them, thus they must be offscreen first.
    • Ginzu the Ninja: Ginzu takes a swipe with his sword, this is NOT an overhead attack.
    • Mack the Knife: Mack spins around with his knives, hits very high, best used as an anti air move.
    • Baby Head: Baby Head in a humanoid combat robot shoots himself out as a missile.
Assist Attacks
Type Assist Counter Cross-Over
α Ground Captain Fire Captain Fire Captain Sword
β Anti-Air Captain Corridor Captain Corridor Captain Sword
γ Expansion Captain Kick Captain Kick Captain Sword

Hyper Combos Edit

  • Captain Sword (Level 1): After summoning the Commando Squad for assistance, Cap and his three teammates create a huge energy beam that slices downward like a knife. While you can use this as anti air, the damage is pretty weak as it's the last couple of hits that take off the most power, though if used right below an airborne opponent it does massive damage. Can OTG.
  • Captain Storm (Level 1): After signaling his crew, Cap dashes at his opponent and attempts a flying uppercut. If it connects, the opponent is hurled through the air, where he is attacked by Ginzu, Mack, and Baby Head multiple times. Captain Commando finishes them off with a Captain Corridor as he falls back to earth.

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  • Captain Commando's theme appears to be a combination of Charlie's theme from Street Fighter Alpha, Cyclops's theme from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and X's Opening Stage theme from Mega Man X4.
  • The pose struck by the Commando Team after the Captain Storm super is identical to the main illustration used for the Captain Commando arcade game's promotional brochure.
  • One of Commando's win quotes mentions Vulgus, Capcom's first game (he even states as much).

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