Captain Marvel, real name Carol Susan Jane Danvers, is a superhero from the Marvel Comics. She was a decorated major in the United States Air Force before being caught in a Psyche-Magnitron explosion, causing the original Captain Marvel's genetic structure to be merged with hers. She eventually took the name "Captain Marvel" in place of her alias Ms. Marvel to honour the former's death.

Captain Marvel is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

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An adult, blonde-haired, Anglo-Caucasian woman, Carol, as Captain Marvel wears a red, gold, and blue suit based on a Kree uniform that she forms at will in honor of her late-love Mar-Vell/original Captain Marvel, along with her Warbird Ms. Marvel’s red sash. When performing feats requiring higher power output or space exploration, she forms a cowl/mask around her face. When performing these feats, her hair raises and glows with power. At times when using her Binary powers, Captain Marvel becomes a being of energy, her appearance being a black and starred silhouette of herself, with her only distinguished features being her eyes and hair. Her hair length in this game falls down to about her upper back and shoulders, as opposed to her current appearance in the comics, in which her hair is currently boyish short.

As her original hero identity, Ms. Marvel, she wore a sleeveless black leotard suit with a streak of yellow lightning across her torso, alongside black gloves and boots, a red sash, which she continues to wear as Captain Marvel, and a black mask which covered the upper half of her face. She had longer hair that fell down to her lower back.

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Captain Marvel is confident and somewhat arrogant, which can lead her to be reckless, competitive and hotheaded. Her attitude however is tempered by her desire to help others and to prove herself capable to her peers.

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As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has powers derived from her enhanced human-kree physiology, with additional powers from being linked with a white hole in during her time as Binary. Her powers include superhuman strength, speed, stamina and reflexes; self-propelled hyper-sonic flight; energy absorption and expulsion; and cosmic-awareness/flash precognition.

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