Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Edit

Character Select Edit

  • Reporting for duty!
  • All right, let's start this battle!
  • Hope you're up for this!
  • So, are you ready?
  • Bunny Toes!!!
  • Let's do this sister!
    to female character

Intros Edit

  • You've got guts, I'll give you that.
  • Come at me with everything you've got.
  • Can we kick your butt quickly? I've gotta go feed my cat.
  • Just when I think I can get a little R & R, you guys show up!
  • I'll fight you guys, but when you lose, you gotta clean up my ship. Deal?
  • Even with my back against the wall, I won't give up.
  • All right, you wanna test yourself against my air force training?
  • Crack a smile once in a blue moon, huh?
    to Strider Hiryu
  • Let's see what you've got!
  • All right, let's show them what we can do!
  • No armor, no shield, no hammer, no arrows? Interesting.
    to Ryu or Chun-Li
  • Compared to the threats of the galaxy we faced, this is easy.
    Guardian of the Galaxy as teammate
  • I'm keeping an eye on you, so you better not try anything funny!
    Villain as teammate
  • If you even act the slightest bit evil, you know what I'll do.
    Villain as teammate
  • You play good cop, and I'll play bad cop!
    Chun-Li as teammate
  • You're not using one of Tony's extra suits, are you?
    to X or Zero
  • Hey! I said no pictures! Give them to me, or else!
    to Frank West
  • I need to see all the pictures you took of me. Understand?
    to Spider-Man
  • You oughta know by now Steve, I outrank you.
    to Captain America
  • Star-Lord's gonna be mad when he finds out about what you're doing.
    to Guardian of the Galaxy
  • I can't let evil slide by when it's right in front of me!
    to villain
  • Avenger vs. Avenger. Great! How many times do we have to do this?
    to Avenger
  • So it all comes down to this.
    to Ultron Sigma
  • I will defeat you and end this, once and for all.
    to Ultron Omega
  • Should've taken you down when I had the chance.
    to Thanos

Victory Edit

  • The past is not important, only the future.
  • I've traveled to different dimensions and battled alien armadas. Nothing's getting past me!
  • I'm sure you've realized this by now, but I am VERY good at punching things.
  • Move against my friends and you move against me!
  • You're outranked pal.
  • I kick the asses of those who need it most. You just happened to be next on my list!
  • I've been in the Air Force and the Avengers buddy -- I'm way out of your league!
  • That's CAPTAIN Marvel to you!
  • Try to get my good side, fly boy!
    to Nova
  • Build all you want, Tony. I'll always be able to fold that armor of yours in half.
    to Iron Man
  • Cute wings, but your flight patterns are way too predictable.
    to Firebrand
  • Not too shabby, Parker! You could work on that left hook, though.
    to Spider-Man
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