Centurion Rush
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Centurion Rush
User Nova
Hits 1~3

Attack light - 90,000

Attack medium - 100,000

Attack hard - 120,000

Execution Arcade Stick S + Attack

Varies, check description table

Centurion Rush is one of Nova's special moves. He charges at his opponent in a number of ways.

In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, it can now be usable in the air, with the jump animation on ground bounce version of Centurion Rush for the air version is fasten up for combo use.

Attack Power Description
Attack light Slides along the ground whilst hitting his opponent with his feet. Hits OTG and low and strikes
Attack medium Jumps into the air and does a divekick-esque move. Hits high and causes a forced ground bounce
Attack h Charges into his opponent, hitting them twice and then punching them into the air for an air combo. Has one Super Armor and launches on last hit