Chain of Rebuttal
Chain of Rebuttal
User Ghost Rider
Damage 135,400
Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack light
Properties Wall Bounce

Chain of Rebuttal and Chain of Punishment is one of Ghost Rider's special moves. Ghost Rider quickly whips his chain forward, hitting the opponent multiple times and causing a wallbounce that can be followed up for combos. This attack is best used after connecting with standing H into Rage Whip, and is integral to Ghost Rider's Bread & Butter combos. Although it has a fast startup for its range, it can be avoided with a well-timed jump or even ducked under by a character with low crouches. Be sure to cover Chain Rebuttal with proper assists if it's used outside of a combo.

Assist AttackEdit

Ghost Rider's α Chain of Rebuttal assist is a quick, far-reaching attack that causes a wall bounce. It's speed and range are great for catching opponents off-guard, and it can be followed up with a full combo.