Chaos Tide
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Chaos Tide
User Firebrand
Meter Cost Three
Damage Varies
Execution AS S+Attack button 2x
Mashable N/A

Chaos Tide is Firebrand's Level 3 Hyper Combo. Upon activation Firebrand summons a Red Arremer to assist him in battle. The Red Arremer stays in the battle roughly over nine seconds. During this time depending on what button is inputted causes the Red Arremer to use several moves. 

Attack Power Description
Attack light Helper will spit out an M Hell Spitfire
Attack medium Helper will perform an M Demon Missile
Attack h Helper will perform an H Demon Missile


  • Firebrand isn't invincible when activating the hyper combo so caution is needed.
  • Also if Firebrand is hit while this move is in motion his helper can't assist him until Firebrand can move again.
  • Luminous Body can be activated when using this move as it also makes the Red Arremer solid white as well. Giving him the speed boost.
  • X-Factor will increase his speed as well giving him and Firebrand more speed.


  • This might be a reference to how annoying fighting two Arremers is in Ghosts 'n Goblins.

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