Chaotic Flame
Chaotic Flame
User Dormammu
Meter Cost One
Damage 281,400 (15,000 x 30)
Execution Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2
Properties Mashable, Projectile

"Burn to cinders! Chaotic Flame!"

Chaotic Flame is one of Dormammu's Level 1 Hyper Combos. It is a full screen projectile beam, and it has one of the fastest start-ups in the game next to Akuma's beam hyper. In general, this is a very good utility hyper in most situations, and is the combo ender of choice since it can combo off of almost everything Dormammu has. The beam will leave the opponent in a lot of hit-stun to allow for a full screen X-factor Combo or a DHC into a synergistic hyper. This is an option to consider if your opponent is low on life and will be downed on chip damage, since Dormammu can use his meter for something else more effective. Dormammu can easily punish assists and missed attacks with this hyper. If Dormammu whiffs a Dark Hole or Purification and the opponent is able to punish him, a player may consider using this hyper to, at the very least, create breathing space.


  • You can score a confirmed Chaotic Flame hit off of a Dark Hole or a Dark Matter shot.
  • Chaotic Flame pushes your opponent back across the entire screen. Use this to push opponents into the corner or giving Dormammu room for Zoning.
  • You can pick up downed opponents with a Purification tower, and cancel into a Chaotic Flame. You must cancel it on the first hit or it will miss.

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