Tyrant appear in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Tyrant, as it appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Code: T-002 is one of Jill Valentine's Hyper Combos in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Jill summons a big pit in front of her. If it hits, the giant zombie Tyrant T-002 comes out and attacks her opponent. After he's done hitting the enemy and they're falling down he'll stand there growling. By the cost of another power bar, Jill can pull out her Rocket Launcher and shoot them both with it to do extra damage.


Tyrant is a reccurring enemy type in the Resident Evil series. This Tyrant model (T-002) could be seen both as a catastrophic failure and a tremendous success. It failed, because it was originally conceived as an intelligent killing machine that could follow orders and could be able to moderately pass as human (this was ultimately achieved with Umbrella's mass-produced Tyrant, the T-103).

Obvious flaws in the model were its grotesque malformations, its unpredictable behavior, and its protruding heart, which provided an obviously vulnerable point. However, the Tyrant performed phenomenally well in other areas, such as resistance to harm. It was able to endure a considerable amount of punishment and still pass through a major mutation.

This second mutation was much more resistant to gunfire, and was only killed with a rocket blast, though its raw strength was so considerable it was able to swat incoming rockets aimed at it. Along with this, it had improved reasoning abilities and was much more resistant to small arms fire.

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MVC3 Tyrant

Tyrant from Marvel vs. Capcom 3