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Colossus, real name Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin or alternatively Peter Rasputin (ピーター・ラスプーチン, Pītā Rasupūchin?), is a character from the X-Men series by Marvel. He is a mutant who can transform his whole body into an organic metal, giving him superhuman strength, stamina, and durability.

Colossus debuted in X-Men: Children of the Atom and has reappeared in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. He is also an assist character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.



Colossus's appearance is based on his recurring design throughout the X-Men series. His tall and broad stature is covered in metal, usually colored silver, while his hair remains black. He wears a red and yellow armored singlet with red boots, red gloves, and an X-Men utility belt.


Colossus only uses his powers in violent situations with the greatest of reluctance. He feels it is his responsibility to use them for the betterment of others rather than for combat. He enjoys a passionate relationship with fellow X-Man, Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat.


In his metallic form, Colossus gains superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He can lift at least 100 tons under normal conditions. He tires at a lower rate than regular humans and can continue to expend his energy for hours. He also does not require food, water or air to sustain himself. Colossus can withstand high impact assaults and extreme temperatures from 70º F above absolute zero to approximately 9000º F. He is resistant to telepathy and other kinds of psionic attacks.

Despite this near-invulnerability, it is still possible to injure him, and if knocked unconscious, Colossus reverts to his human form. In his metal form, Colossus bleeds pure energy when injured, and he has no organs that can be damaged. A particular flaw in his powers is that he cannot partially transform and must turn his entire body into metal.

Colossus is excellent in hand-to-hand combatant, having received training from Wolverine and Cyclops. He has had training in acrobatics and sword fighting from Nightcrawler. In his human form, he is exceptionally strong and fit. He can lift about 700 pounds. He has also completed college-level courses at Xavier's school.


X-Men: Children of the Atom[]

X-Men: Children of the Atom ending

Magneto, after his defeat, asks Colossus to join him. He declines saying that his place is with the X-Men. He leaves the collapsing Avalon with the other X-Men. Colossus is later seen with Professor X, wanting to train harder to protect those he cares for. The professor comments on how Colossus didn't follow Magneto's path and is proud of how he has become.

Colossus was intended to have an alternate ending where he would accept Magneto's offer to join the Acolytes, mirroring his short stint with the group in the 1994 comics.


Special Attacks[]

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  • Giant Swing: Colossus rushes forward, arm extended. If it connects, Colossus swings his opponent around by his legs, creating a giant whirlwind as he rises into the air, then violently tosses the opponent across the screen. Damage is increased by rotating the control stick/pad in a 360-degree manner. This move although being a grab is blockable.
  • Power Tackle: Colossus glows and rushes shoulder-first into his opponent. This move can blow through some projectiles. Upon contact the opponent will knocked back. Light kick will make him go forward while the hard kick will make him travel diagonally up-towards.

Assist Attacks[]

Set Type Assist Counter Cross-Over
α Dash Power Tackle Power Tackle Super Dive
β Anti-Air Power Tackle Power Tackle Super Dive
γ Launcher Standing H Kick Standing H Kick Super Dive

Hyper Combos[]

  • Power Dive: Colossus jumps up in the air and does a head dive towards the opponent. By pressing an attack button while Colossus is jumping, he will dive faster.
  • Super Armor: Enters a state of Super Armor. While in this form most attacks will not make him stagger. This allows him to come at the opponent easier. He can still guard in this form. This hyper combo lasts for ten seconds.

Theme Song[]


X-Men: Children of the Atom[]

  • Be thankful I was pulling my punches!
  • I see you have learned lessons from Professor X well.
  • Now you know what it feels like to battle the X-Men!
  • Rest, tovarisch. We will try again later.
  • So, comrade... Care to go another round?
  • You fight valiantly, but you are no match for Colossus!
  • Your power is almost the equal of my own!
  • A mere hologram cannot defeat Colossus!
    mirror match


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