Daggers of Denak


Daggers of Denak
User Doctor Strange

Low: 50,000/ Medium: 150,000 (50,000 x3)

Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Attack l or Attack medium
Properties Air OK

In the Marvel comics, Denak is a powerful entity that allowed mages to channel his spells for a variety of effects. The Daggers of Denak are one of these spells. These projectiles are very important to Doctor Strange in terms of zoning and mix-up opportunities due to thier unique behavior. The Low version of the move causes a single floating ring to appear in front of him that will then quickly track the opponent, while the Medium version will summon three rings that remain floating on screen for a moment before they begin tracking. As an assist Doctor Strange utilizes the Medium Daggers. The Medium version can be followed up with a Low version to have a total of four on screen that bombard your opponent. The projectiles do not have a hitbox until they begin tracking, making Strangevery vulnerable until they begin to move. Only the Medium version will disappear all together if Strange is hit before they begin to track. If done in the air, Strange cannot perform any other actions until he hits the ground, even if he activates flight beforehand. Tricky mix ups can be done with this move by calling out three rings and teleporting behind, above, or in front of your opponent as they begin to track. In the corner, the projectiles will fly off screen, leading to a potentially difficult left-right set up.