"Showtime! Finish!"

Dancing Flash
Dancing Flash
User Felicia
Meter Cost


Hits 12-23


Execution Qcf+Attack x2


Dancing Flash is one of Felicia's Hyper Combos.

Felicia rolls into a ball and spin-drives into her opponent. Once it hits, she'll unleash a rapid-fire combo of slashes and kicks before ending with a rising slash not unlike the Shoryuken. It is mashable to add to the damage output.


  • Dancing Flash can come out fast and is a good way to finish a ground combo. It will even connect on a falling opponent. The combo will be unleashed regardless if whether the oponent blocks it or not.
  • Because of it's priority, Dancing Flash can be comboed into quite easily, not to mention it can now be mashable to add to the damage output.
  • This Hyper Combo acts similarly to Sakura's Midare Zakura and Dan's Hissho Burai Ken, since all three of them perform an auto-combo that ends in a Shoryuken (in Sakura's case, it's called the Sho'ohken; and in Dan's case, Koryuken).

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