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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds[]

  • Let's get this over with!
  • Let's get this party started!
  • Let's rock... baby!
  • Ready for some fun?
  • So, you're gonna fight or what?
  • Bring it on!
  • You done warmin' up yet?
  • ...More than enough.
    match win
  • Heh! Is that really all you got?
    match win
  • Jackpot! Yeah, baby!
    match win
  • You had some impressive moves, there.
    match win
  • *Yawn* ... Huh? It's over already? But I just woke up!
  • Demons, superhumans. Meh. Same crap, different day.
  • Hey look! The three stooges came out to play!
  • I hope for your sake you have some other redeeming qualities other than fighting.
  • Oh man, I'm starving. Where's my pizza?
  • Wow, that was one hell of a party! Good thing the loser gets to pay for the damages.
  • How come I never meet any nice girls?
    to all female characters except Trish (intro)
  • I'm not gonna pull my punches!
    to Dormammu (intro)
  • Don't think I'm gonna go easy on ya!
    to Trish (intro)
  • Sleep it off, baby.
    to all female characters except Trish (match win)
  • Get the hell outta my face!
    to Dormammu (match win)
  • Really Trish... is that the best you could do?
    to Trish (match win)
  • You've gotta be Mundus' cousin or nephew or something, no? Great aunt on Satan's side, maybe?
    to Dormammu (victory)
  • Sometimes you just gotta out-crazy the crazies if you wanna beat 'em.
    to Deadpool (victory)
  • C'mon, Trish. You'll have to do better to beat the most stylish, hottest demon hunter around.
    to Trish (victory)
  • Mmm, baby. I love it when a girl gets violent!
    to Morrigan Aensland (victory)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3[]


UMVC3 Dante Quotes (W Eng & Jap Voices)

Dante quotes

  • My hair? It's not that I'm getting old, it's always been white. ...Why do you ask?
  • It's alright, Joe. We cool!
    to Viewtiful Joe (intro)
  • What a touching reunion. Right, brother?
    to Vergil (intro)
  • Stylish and viewtiful.
    to Viewtiful Joe (match win)
  • C'mon, get up! You can do better than that.
    to Vergil (match win)
  • You're the reason why we can't have nice things. Also, the girls dig my sword skills more.
    to Vergil (victory)
  • Love the kung-fu moves. Don't change that. Those ballerina slippers, on the other hand, gotta go.
    to Iron Fist (victory)

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite[]

Character Select[]

  • Let's get the party started!
  • Let's rock baby!
  • This should be a breeze.
  • Oh yeah! This is gonna be fun!
  • *whistles* Hey there!
    Female characters as teammate
  • Huh? I'm working with you?
    Firebrand as teammate
  • Demon hunter for hire! Don’t worry, I’ll give you the mayor’s discount.
    Haggar as teammate


  • I'll make the first move, if you won't.
  • Ready for some fun?
  • I'm not getting paid for this, you're a freebie!
    to Firebrand
  • How come I never meet any nice girls?
    to female characters
  • When I beat you, you're gonna tell me everything about my dad!
    to Jedah
  • All the gods I meet are phonies. How about you?
    to Thor, Thanos
  • You're gonna need more than a shield to take me.
    to Captain America
  • Don't be such a downer. Smile!
  • Sorry partner. Tonight, it's ladies last!
    Female characters as teammate
  • I'm the super to your hero.
    Avengers as teammate
  • I see your wild, and raise you some crazy!
    Rocket Raccoon as teammate
  • I've seen a lot of evil plans before, but I've never seen any of them succeed.
    to Ultron Sigma
  • I hear the screaming of souls, and they say to put you down!
    to Ultron Omega

Partner Enters Danger State[]

  • Better watch out.
  • You alright, buddy?


  • Jackpot! I win again!

Victory Text[]

  • You're gonna keep making the same mistake, huh? Fine! I'll wreck you any time you like!
  • So you lost. Big deal! What matters is whether you looked good. Bad news-- you didn't.
  • Still not running on empty, huh? I love how your side keeps getting up for one more punch.
  • Whew! You almost had me there -- hahaha! Nah, I can't say that with a straight face.
  • Surrender? Now that's just lazy. Why don't we make this to the death?
  • You're finished already? Hey! The party's just getting started!
  • You know, someday I'd like to meet a nice girl who doesn't try to kick me in the teeth.
    to Chun-Li
  • Domination this, doom that, yada yada yada. It's time you shut up and realized that the spotlight's on me!
    to Villains
  • You knew I was a devil hunter but you showed up anyway. Does that make you brave or stupid?
    to Demons
  • Consider that payback, with interest. Now start talking... You're gonna tell me every little thing you know.
    to Jedah
  • You ready to chill out now? Sheesh... maybe a fire extinguisher would help.
    to Ghost Rider, Dormammu