Dark Hole
MvC3 Dormammu dark hole
Dark Hole
User Dormammu
Hits 9
Damage 122,200
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Properties Projectile

Dormammu creates a black hole that hits multiple times and knocks the opponent down. This move and Purification define Dormammu's zoning game and when used in the right situations, can make it very difficult for the opponent to get in on him. Dark Hole is generally used to stop opponents approaching horizontally, and is more reliable than Purification for this use because of its faster start up and recovery. The light version is directly in front of Dormammu. The medium version is half-screen away and heavy appears a full screen away, does not quite hit full screen. This move is also useable in the air, but once Dark Hole has been performed in the air, Dormammu will not recover until he lands, meaning he is vulnerable.


  • The light version is too close for any character to fit between it and him. Use this just off the ground to discourage airborne attackers.
  • Dark Hole can be combo'd off of a wall bouce Dark Matter, and can be easily hit confirmed in Chaotic Flame for great damage.
  • If using Dark Hole in the air, consider activating flight first. This way you are able to block should your projectile whiff.

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