Dark Matter
Mvc3 dormammu dark matter
Dark Matter
User Dormammu
Hits 1
Damage 80,000
Execution AS Right+Attack h
Properties Projectile, Wall Bounce, Chip Damage, Special and Hyper cancelable(UMvC3)

Dark Matter is a fast, small projectile that causes a wall bounce for combo opportunities. It inflicts chip damage, and is one of Dormammu's main zoning tools. In UMvC3, you can now cancel Dark Matter into any special or hyper attack. Using special cancels with Dark Matter allow you to mix up of feint oppoents easily.


  • You can combo a wall bounce Dark Matter into Dark Hole H and/or Chaotic Flame.
  • Toss out a Dark Matter to force your opponent into the air to advance, and cancel into Purification to cut off your opponent's forward jump.
  • Firing off a Dark Matter and quickly cancelling into a Dark Spell Charge is a very simple way to keep the momentum in Dormammu's favor.

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