Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix
User Phoenix
Meter Cost Five
Damage N/A
Execution Automatic when HP drops to 0
Properties Invincible, Restores HP, Permanent Mode change

"I can't control it! DARK PHOENIX RISES!!!"

Dark Phoenix is a Hyper Combo usable by Phoenix. When Phoenix's lifebar is empty and the Hyper Combo Gauge is at Max level, Jean will be surrounded by a massive buildup of Phoenix energy. Jean is engulfed in a flaming phoenix-shaped aura, transforming into Dark Phoenix. Her lifebar automatically refills, but then empties slowly again over time. Her attacks are stronger and the Hyper Combo gauge refills much faster than usual. However, she can still sustain damage. Use of the X-Factor can temporarily stop the steady drain on her lifebar. She can still be switched out for other characters and will heal while on standby like normal.


  • Dark Phoenix Rising is currently the only level 5 hyper combo in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Dark Phoenix has her own dialogue and scene if she wins a match. She also has her own image on the results screen.
  • The Hyper Combo uses the same mechanics as Gill's Resurrection Super Art in Street Fighter III.

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