"You've been naughty. Well, does it hurt? Does it feel good?"
—Morrigan, ground version

"You've been naughty. Do you like that? How's that feel?"
—Morrigan, aerial version

Darkness Illusion
Darkness Illusion
Darkness Illusion
User Morrigan
Meter Cost Three
Damage 405,000
Execution Qcb+Attack x2
Mashable No

Darkness Illusion is Morrigan's Level 3 Hyper Combo in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Upon activation Morrigan transforms her wings into a jet pack and flies towards her opponent. If she successfully hits her opponent she creates a copy of herself (in previous vs. series games she instead summons Lilith) and proceeds to beat down the foe with the copy (or Lilith) mimicking her flurry of kicks and shapeshifting-wing strikes before ultimately kicking them to the ground. Due to being a level 3 hyper combo this move deals unscaled damage.

Interestingly in MvC3 this move has two different animations, which one plays depends on whether the opponent was in the air or on the ground at the time of the initial impact of Darkness Illusion. While the damage is the same for both variations there is one major difference that a player wishing to follow this move up with Shadow Servant must keep in mind: at the end of the ground version Morrigan lands on the side she was on when she performed Darkness Illusion while at the end of the air version she lands on the side opposite of the side she performed Darkness Illusion on.