Death Penalty
Death Penalty
User Super Skrull
Meter Cost Three
Damage 450,000
Execution AS S+Attack x2
Properties Aim/Auto Tracking, OTG

"Death Penalty! Are you having fun yet? Die, die, DIE! NOW DIE!"
—Spoken during Death Penalty.

Death Penalty is Super Skrull's Level 3 Hyper Combo. Super Skrull leaps high into the air, similar to Meteor Smash. If he hits the opponent upon landing, he will slam his opponent into the ground, beating them rapidly before lifting them up then smashing them with a punch using a combination of the powers from the Fantastic Four. Unlike most Hyper Combos, the buttons pressed for this move will affect the area where Super Skrull will land no matter what direction he is facing. The different button combinations are:

  • Attack l+Attack m : Left
  • Attack l+Attack h : Middle
  • Attack m+Attack h : Right

This function is gone in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, because Death Penalty now automatically tracks over the opponent. It can also hit OTG, but can be blocked.


  • You can easily combo into this move at the end of an air combo in either corners of the stage.


  • In one of the first videos that revealed Super Skrull, Death Penalty was a level one hyper at that time.

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