Devil Trigger
Devil Trigger
User Vergil
Meter Cost 1
Damage 0
Execution AS QCB+Attack x2
Properties Power-up

"Now... I'm motivated!"

Devil Trigger is one of Vergil's Hyper Combos. It is a special technique from Devil May Cry that is possessed by demons and half-demons, which allows them to release their full power.

While transformed, Vergil gains a strength boost, speed boost, and gradually regains red health. His attacks and assists also become enhanced, and he is able to perform either an air dash or a double jump. Unlike Dante, Vergil does not gain any new special moves, and only boosts his mobility.

Vergil needs this Hyper Combo active to unlock his Lv3 Hyper Combo, the highly-damaging Dark Angel, but connecting with it ends his Devil Trigger prematurely. This won't happen if the aforementioned move does not connect or is blocked.


  • Even for a Lv1 Hyper Combo, the speed and damage benefits is necessary especially if Vergil is the only one remaining in the team. Like his brother, his movements and stats get boosts.
  • Remember, like his brother, he CANNOT build meter while in this mode. If you are aiming for Dark Angel, make sure you have at least 4 levels.

Frame DataEdit

Power Startup Active Recovery Hit Block