Drill Claw
Wolverine drill claw2
Drill Claw
User Wolverine
Hits 1
Damage 80,000
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)Special+Attack
Properties Can be directed

"Drill Claw!"

While Drill Claw is Wolverine's only special attack that can be used in mid-air, it's still generally used only in combos. You can aim Drill Claw in all 8 directions, and redirect it off of walls. Outside of combos, it is generally safe as long as Wolverine makes contact with the opponent. In this case, Wolverine bounces backwards into a neutral state, allowing you access actions such as guarding, Diving Kicks, or even another Drill Claw. If the attack misses, Wolverine is completely vulnerable to punishment until he reaches the ground, so don't use Drill Claw as a substitute for an airdash.


  • The Drill Claw conveniently bounces the opponent into position for an easy Diving Kick combo, leading to a ground bounce for more punishment.
  • You can hyper cancel into Fatal Claw after connecting with a Drill Claw for a quick solid hit.
  • You can mix-up new characters coming into play by attacking with an upward Drill Claw right under the incoming character. It's impossible to visibly distinguish which way to block it.

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