Fatal Claw
Fatal Claw
User Wolverine
Meter Cost One
Hits 13~26
Damage 302,100~362,500
Execution Arcade Modifier (Air)Qcb+Attack x2
Properties Mashable

"So long, bub! Fatal Claw!"

Fatal Claw is Wolverine's only hyper combo he can use in mid-air, making if the preferred combo ender for Wolverine. If also inflicts more damage than Berserker Barrage X. A weakness of the attack is that it does not allow you to THC to a teammate for very long after the final hit lands. This generally leaves your opponent much too high in the air for most hyper combos to connect properly. The hit box for this attack is the energy X around Wolverine during this attack, so the best way to land the most damage is the be diagnal to the target. You can string together several Fatal Claws in one combo using Tornado Claw, guaranteeing a K.O. on any character.


  • To perform the Fatal Claw loop, hit the opponent with Tornado Claw L (3 hits) and cancel into Fatal Claw. Wolverine recovers and lands fast enough to repeat this up to 4 more times as long as you have the meter to burn.
  • You can hyper cancel into Fatal Claw after connecting with a Drill Claw for a quick solid hit.
  • You can use Fatal Claw to safely DHC out. Super jump into the air, activate Fatal Claw and the DHC to your next character.


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