Flame Carpet
Mvc3 dormammu flame carpet
Flame Carpet
User Dormammu
Hits 5
Damage 81,700
Execution Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Properties OTG, Chip Damage

Dormammu creates a pool of fire on the ground in front of him that lasts for 180 frames, or about 6 seconds. Only one Flame Carpet per player can be in play at a time, and cannot be special or hyper cancelled. In UMvC3, Flame Carpet disappears if Dormammu gets hit, making it far less effective, but Flame Carpet is still an essential part of Dormammu's gameplan.


  • Drop Flame Carpets often to force your opponent to take to the air to approach Dormammu, making them more predictable.
  • Flame Carpet hits low, allowing Dormammu to create solo unblockable set-ups by hitting both high and low at the same time.

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