For the Princess!
Arthur level 3 for the princess
For the Princess!
User Arthur
Meter Cost




Execution AS S+Attack x2
Properties Projectile, OTG, Invincible

"Great Magic! Fire Dragon!"
—Spoken during For the Princess!.

For the Princess! is Arthur's Level 3 Hyper Combo. Arthur uses magic to create numerous fullscreen explosions, as a dragon made of blue flames, which travels around the screen for additional damage. During this hyper, Arthur is completely invulnerable. This move is considered one of the best Level 3 Hyper Combo's because it covers the whole screen and it hits OTG.


  • The fire dragon that appears as part of this Hyper is a reference to one of the Charged Specials from Super Ghouls'n Ghosts.
  • This is one of two Projectile Hypers which will trigger Doctor Strange's Seven Rings of Raggador, but will keep the character safe from the triggered beam. Even if For The Princess! activates the Seven Rings, the beam will not do damage to Arthur being that he and Strange are both invincible in the process. Order In The Court also has a similar effect.
  • This attack is known as Great Magic (大魔法 Dai Mahō) in the Japanese version of the game.