Gamma Charge
Gamma Charge
Gamma Charge
User Hulk
Hits 3~5
Damage 135,400~204,600
Execution Straight:
Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Kick (MSH-MvC2)
Qcf+Attack ((U)MvC3)
Arcade Stick QCF+Kick (MvC:I)
Arcade Stick CDU+Kick (MSH-MvC2)

Arcade Stick S+Attack ((U)MvC3)
Arcade Stick QCB+Kick (MvC:I)
Properties Super Armor, Knockdown

—Hulk, during L Gamma Charge

Gamma Charge is one of Hulk's special moves where Hulk charges either forward towards his enemy or use an anti-air. Hulk can perform another charge by pressing the kick button. Unfortunately in Infinite, the followup has been removed