Gamma Quake is one of Hulk's Hyper Combos. Hulk smashes the ground and rocks come down and hit the opponent. This OTG-capable hyper is often used to end combos in the corner, where Gamma Tsunami misses most of it's hits. The main drawback to Gamma Quake is the large gap between the point when Hulk hits the ground and the rocks start hitting the opponent. If your foe is quick enough, they can counterattack Hulk before the rocks drop or teleport out of the way.

In Infinite, his Gamma Quake is now a Level 3 and has been revamped with only three smashes while erupting the volcano-like effects.


  • You can use this move to cancel out of a blocked Gamma Charge attack, giving you a positive frame advantage to continue your assault.
  • You can use the gap between Hulk's fist slam and the rocks hitting to THC into another hyper combo, as the rocks still drop regardless of whether Hulk is in play or not.
  • You can THC into this hyper after any hyper attack that ends with a hard knockdown right next to your teammate (examples: Mighty Punish, Maximum Spider) to lead into almost any other hyper combo for an easy 3 THC chain.
  • You can use Gamma Quake to THC Hulk in safely, or THC to another teammate to help cover their entrance.

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