Ghost Butterfly
Ghost Butterfly
User Wesker
Hits 1
Damage 120,000
Execution AS QCF+Attack medium
Properties Wall Bounces

Ghost Butterfly, AKA Hasai Sougoushou (覇砕双剛掌, lit. "Supreme Smashing Twin Strength Palms") in Japanese, is one of Albert Wesker's special moves and one of his melee attacks in Resident Evil 5. Wesker rears back and palms the opponent with both palms placed inward-horizontally placed above each other, blasting back his foe with a purple energy streak if it connects (unique to Marvel vs. Capcom 3).

It causes a wall bounce that allows you to easily extend your combos. Ghost Butterfly can combo in situations with slightly higher hitstun deterioration than Cobra Strike, so there are specific combos that call for this attack instead. Ghost Butterfly can be canceled into Phantom Move by pressing any attack button as a followup input, which is useful both for combos, and for safety if guarded.


  • After the wall bounce, cancel into Phantom Move L to juggle with standing Attack h, or cancel into Phantom Move H to hit your enemy in the air first with an air Special.

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