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=== Special ===
=== Special ===
* {{Quotepage|This day of judgement is upon you, scum.|intro}}
* {{Quotepage|The day of judgement is upon you, scum.|intro}}
* {{Quotepage|Long you have played with fire, boy. But now you're playing with Hellfire.|to [[Vergil]] (intro)}}
* {{Quotepage|Long you have played with fire, boy. But now you're playing with Hellfire.|to [[Vergil]] (intro)}}
* {{Quotepage|Forget Ragnarok. I'm your destruction.|to [[Thor]] (intro)}}
* {{Quotepage|Forget Ragnarok. I'm your destruction.|to [[Thor]] (intro)}}

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Edit

UMVC3 Ghost Rider Quotes

UMVC3 Ghost Rider Quotes

Ghost Rider quotes

Intro Edit

  • Now learn why I'm called a Spirit of Vengeance.
  • I would pray now. A lot.
  • Mephisto can't contain me. What chance do you have?

Victory Edit

  • Be grateful I don't take your soul as a prize.
  • Eat my flames, loser.
  • Hell hath no fury like a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle.

Battle Edit

  • Eat chain.
    Chain Attack
  • Together, mortals.
    Combo w/ Characters
  • As one.
    Team Air Combo Counter
  • This is only the beginning!
  • Feel the horror.
    Crossover Combination
  • Unhand me.
    Break Free!
  • Vengeance is mine.
    Character Switch
  • I need no allies.
    Character Switch
  • I will feast on your very soul.
    Victory After Battle/Taunts
  • If you value your life, leave.
    Victory After Battle/Taunts
  • Defeat is upon you.
    Enemy nearing Defeat
  • Pathetic.
    Advancing Guard
  • I'll be back.
  • I'm here.
  • Time to burn.
  • Hellfire.
    using Hellfire
  • To me.
    using Chaos Bringer
  • Feel the pain!
    using Hell's Embrace
  • You are Guilty!
    using Conviction Slam
  • Burn.
    using Heartless Spire
  • FACE ME!...Stay in the shadows.
    using Hellfire Maelstrom
  • Johnny Blaze rides again.
    using Spirit of Vengeance
  • Penance Stare! Look into my eyes... Have a nice death.
    using Penance Stare
  • damned.
  • What is time to one who's eternal?
    Time Out

Comic Quotes Edit

  • One day I'll be free from this curse. One day.
  • Sometimes I think the whole world deserves damnation.
  • Nothing can stop the Spirit of Vengeance from inflicting pain upon all those who threaten the innocent.
  • I am fury itself. Now, taste the fires of Hell.
  • You cannot destroy one already beyond death.
  • You will have more than just bruises once you recover. My hellfire burned your very soul.
  • Try as I might to keep the demon inside at bay... Some days I fail.

Special Edit

  • The day of judgement is upon you, scum.
  • Long you have played with fire, boy. But now you're playing with Hellfire.
    to Vergil (intro)
  • Forget Ragnarok. I'm your destruction.
    to Thor (intro)
  • Even gods must answer for their sins.
    to Amaterasu (intro)
  • The darkness in your soul disgusts me.
    to Wesker (intro)
  • One of our flames would be extinguished this day. Won't be mine.
    to Dormammu (intro)
  • Fighting demons won't prepare you for what you face now.
    to Dante (intro)
  • I eat demons like Mundus for breakfast.
    to Trish (intro)
  • You seek to challenge my Hellspawn power. But instead you'll only find death.
    to Doctor Strange (intro)
  • Do you have any idea how my lawyers are in Hell?
    to Phoenix Wright (intro)
  • There is but one fate for the guilty.
  • You deals with the devil. Sometimes you end up with him.
    to Vergil (victory)
  • If you can't handle Loki, I will.
    to Thor (victory)
  • The sun does not rise in hell, goddess." (victory)
  • Hell is calling, Albert.
    to Wesker (victory)
  • And now I think it's time I visited that twin sister of yours...
    to Dormammu (victory)
  • Leave the demon-fighting to the experts, fool.
    to Dante (victory)
  • Your bike could use a nice dose of Hellfire, Trish.
    to Trish (victory)
  • Too often do you invoke demons in your spells, mage. It stops NOW.
    to Doctor Strange (victory)
  • So I have this contract with Mephisto that I'd like you to look at for me.
    to She-Hulk, Phoenix Wright (victory)
  • Not so amusing now, is it?
    to Morrigan (victory)
  • I have little tolerance for demons...much less inferior ones like you.
  • Never have I encountered a soul so utterly...repulsive.
  • Will you never learn? Mines is the power of hell unleashed!
    to Doctor Doom
  • You... have much to answer for.
    to Wolverine
  • Now that I've taken care of you, I shall turn my attention to your unholy lackey. The Hood is next.
    to Dormammu
  • Best control you demonic half, boy. Or I'll do it for you.
    to Vergil

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Edit

Story Quotes Edit

  • A million innocent souls have been stolen from the Earth...I seek vengeance against the one responsible.
  • You are guilty of many things, Succubus, but not of this.
  • I sensed a great evil, moving unseen through the Mortal Realm, that day -- preying on the souls of the innocent, and the forgotten...The echoes of their pain have led me here.
  • You will endure the suffering of everyone.
  • Tell me, demon -- are you ready to atone for your sins?
  • You betrayed us.

Introduction Edit

  • I would pray now. A lot.
  • Now, learn why I'm called the Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Use your powers to punish the wicked.
  • Between us, no sinner can escape.
  • Pleasure and Pain. We deliver both.
    to Morrigan
  • Two sinners in one body? I've hit the jackpot!
    to Ultron Sigma
  • I'll teach you the meaning of purification.
    to Ultron Omega
  • One of our flames will be extinguished this day. Won't be mine.
    to Dormammu
  • I pursue sinners without end. Try to keep up.
    mirror match
  • There are many souls in Hell, Jedah. Allow me to introduce you.
    to Jedah

Victory Edit

  • You have challenged my hell-spawned powers... And lost.
  • Hell hath no fury like a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle.
  • Be grateful I don't take your soul as a prize.

Chosen Edit

  • Let's go. I smell a sinner.
  • Vengeance never rest.
  • It's judgment time.

Battle Quotes Edit

  • Face me.
  • Fear me.

Getting Multiple Hits Edit

  • I still burn.

Hyper Combos Edit

Text Quotes Edit

  • I eat demons tougher than you for breakfast.
  • I'm not afraid to cross the line in order to protect the innocent.
  • The Spirit of Vengeance can never be extinguished.
  • Hellfire isn't meant to scald the flesh. It chars the soul!
  • Will you never learn? Mine is the power of Hell unleashed!
  • Hell has no mercy for the wicked.
  • Demon scum! Be gone!
    to Dante
  • The darker the demon, the hotter the hellfire.
    to Jedah
  • Even the furthest corner of the galaxy is subject to my judgment.
    to Gamora
  • A long time ago I made a deal with the Devil. I don't get seduced easily anymore.
    to Morrigan

Infinity Stones Edit

  • Say your prayers.
  • Let the nightmare begin.
  • You made a deal with the Devil.
  • Spirit of Vengeance, Ignite!
  • I'm judge, jury and executioner.
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