Hyper Armor War Machine (ハイパーアーマー ウォーマシン, Haipā Āmā Uōmashin), also known as Gold War Machine and Mega Armor War Machine, is a secret character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. He's a golden palette swap of War Machine.

Gold War Machine cannot block, loses a couple of moves (his Repulsor Blast and the ability to fly) and cannot jump as high as regular War Machine, but he's powerful, shoots missiles with his Shoulder Cannon and Proton Cannon instead of lasers, and has hyper armor, which allows him to just walk through most attacks without getting hit-stunned or dizzied, and has greatly increased power and defense at the cost of greatly reduced speed. He also has the rare ability to inflict large amounts of damage with his laser shot, performed by crouching down plus heavy punch, in numbers higher than the average Hyper Combo. When successful, this move can also reach long distances.

Even though Gold War Machine is exclusive to this game, a golden Starktech armor was seen in the film Iron Man 3 (2013); the Mark 21, also known as "Midas" due to its completely golden paint job, was one of many armors Tony Stark built in the aftermath of the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers as a backup plan.

Backstory Edit

When confronted as a CPU opponent during Arcade Mode, Gold War Machine is introduced by Onslaught before the battle begins. In the Japanese version, Onslaught refers to him as his "servant" and orders him to destroy everything and to bring desperation equally to all of humanity. In the English version, he shouts at the player to "witness the might of Onslaught unleashed!".

These lines of dialogue imply Gold War Machine is a clone of the real War Machine created by Onslaught's psychic powers.

Gold War Machine's ending, just like those of the other Marvel secret characters in the game, is him simply doing his character select animation in front of the Hyper Combo background while the text "Congratulations! You've defeated the game with a secret character!" appears underneath him.

How to unlock Edit

To play as Gold War Machine, highlight Zangief at the character selection screen and press Left (2), Down (2), Right (2), Down (2), Left (2), Up (4), Right (2), Left (2), Down (4), Right (2), Up (2), Left (2), Down (2), Right (2), Up (4). His portrait appears above Zangief's.

For the PlayStation version, beat the game as War Machine, then at the character select screen highlight Zangief and press up.

To fight Gold War Machine, you need to meet these requirements before Stage 7. Finish five fights with a Hyper Combo, finish two fights with a Duo Team Attack before Stage 7 and never let either of your characters get knocked out.

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