15 mvc314
User Zero
Damage Attack l or Attack m : 70,000Attack h: 102,300 (25,000 x 5)
Execution AS QCF+Attack
Properties Projectile

Hadangeki (波断撃, lit. Wave Severing Attack) is a Special Move used by Zero, as his main projectile attack. Zero slashes down with his Z-Saber leaning forward in a wide outward cut leaning forward, creating a wave of energy that flies foward in front of him. The Attack l version is the slowest one, while the Attack m version is much faster. They both deal the same amount of damage, so it is recommended to use the Attack m version. For the Attack h version, Zero creates two waves of energy with a fast returning slash added in, but they are slower than the Attack m version though deals more damage.

Originally hailing from Mega Man X7, Zero can fire a yellow wave forward along the ground with a one-handed slamming slash. The wave moved more faster than its later crossover appearances. Other variations of this move in the Mega Man series spawned in the Zero series, with the Kougenjin (Mirage Blade) in Zero 2, Throw Blade/Zaneidan (Slashing Sharp Bullet) in Zero 3, and the Ice Blade/Hyougetsujin (Ice Moon Blade) in Zero 4.

It then reappears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and then in Marvel vs. Capcom as Zero's basic projectile special, where instead for the former crossover game, it was a charge motion instead of a quarter-circle motion (Hold B, then F + Attack). Not much use comes out of this move other than simple zoning and damage from a distance. It was also rather subpar as an assist in comparison to other projectile moves, but it's handy for using it as a combo extention assist during some ending chains of combos.


  • When using Sougenmu, Zero can quickly use Hadangeki continuously to cause a moderate amount of chip damage, as he will create two per use.
  • While subpar as an assist, using it during a combo to link-extend into another attack is possible as with assists like the Hadouken.