Gadoken Edit

Dan parodied the Hadoken and renamed it to the laughable Gadouken (我道拳 lit. Self Way Fist) to match his Saikyou-style karate gimmick. Putting his right palm forward, Dan releases a short-range gray ki projectile towards a nearby opponent.

In comparison to the Hadoken's force being similar to that of a twin palm thrust, the Gadoken is hinted to be similar to a slap due to its animation.

Shinku Gadoken Edit

Shinkuu Gadouken (震空我道拳, lit. Quaking Air Self Way Fist), the super version of the Gadoken with longer range but not to the extent of the Shinku Hadoken. Dan puts his right palm forward and releases a larger short-range rainbow ki projectile that travels farther than the Gadoken but no farther than the Shinku Hadoken.

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