Hail Storm
Hail Storm
User Storm
Meter Cost One
Hits ???
Damage ???
Execution Qcb+Attack x2
Properties Mashable

"FREEZE! Ice Storm!"

Hail Storm is one of Storm's Hyper Combos.

Storm bombards the opponent with shards of ice, delivering a high amount of damage to the target.


  • Use this during THCs to punish the opponent. This Hyper is fast so do not expect to follow up with a combo.
  • Using this as a DHC would deal a severe amount of damage.
  • Using this in conjunction with X-Factor will deal a huge amount of chip damage.


  • As seen in the Mahvel Baybee video, commentator and gamer Michael Mendoza (IFC Yipes) says "Make it rain!" when Storm unleashes the Hail Storm. This refers to the fact that the "rain" refers to a horde of small projectiles endlessly hitting you leaving you little to no time to guard like it were actual rain.