Heartless Spire
Heartless Spire
User Ghost Rider
Hits 3
Damage 94,800
Execution Left+Attack h
Properties OTG, Projectile

Ghost Rider summons a magma spike up from the ground in front of him. It's a stationary projectile attack that has 5 low durablility points and hits OTG. Although it has a long startup and longer recovery, Heartless Spire stays active after it's recovery and doesn't disappear if Ghost Rider is attack while it's active, making it a great defensive tool. The drawback to Heartless Spire is that it's not special or hyper cancelable, so it must be followed with a pre-summoned crossover assist or canceled with X-Factor to combo off of it.


  • At a distance, you can use it to nullify incoming projectiles.
  • At close range, use Heartless Spire to interrupt opponents who get to close.
  • If guarded, Heartless Spire creates enough distance between Ghost Rider and his opponent to perform standing H in an attempt to push them back out.
  • Heartless Spire gives you frame advantage if guarded on the ground, so you can cancel into it from any guarded ground basic attack strings for safe pressure.

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