User Ghost Rider
Hits 10
Damage 129,900
Execution AS QCF+Attack
Properties Projectile, OTG

Ghost Rider breathes fire at his foes, and has three different angles depending on the strength of the attack button pressed. Hellfire L fires towards the ground, and can hit OTG, making it ideal for ending combos. Hellfire M fires in front of him, and can be used to apply pressure against a corned opponent. Hellfire H fires up at a 45 degree angle, and can be used as an anti-air if performed soon enough. Hellfire is considered a projectile and has 5 low-durability points to stop opposing projectiles.


  • An OTG Hellfire L can be canceled into Hellfire Maelstrom for good damage.
  • Use Hellfire M to stop long or slow projectiles since it stays active for 27 frames.

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