"FACE ME! Stay in the shadows."
—Ghost Rider

"Get out of the way! / FACE ME! Vengeance awaits!"
—Ghost Rider (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite)

Ghost Rider spins his chain around, creating a fiery tornado around him before finishing with a chain slam that erupts a geyser burst of flames. This attack has 5 high priority durability points and can be mashed for additional damage. This attack has an interesting hitbox: the first swing reaches almost 2 characters' length in front of Ghost Rider and can't be crouched under, the next 4 swings have farther reach but can be crouched under, and the last swing reaches the entire horizontal distance of the screen. The flames around Ghost Rider are active the entire time as well. Though Hellfire Maelstrom controls the ground quite effectively, foes can avoid it completely with a super jump for an easy punish. Given this, you should only use it in combos or with a safe THC ready to avoid punishment.


  • Hellfire Maelstrom is often canceled from Hellfire L OTG for the most damage.

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