Iron Avenger
MvC 3 1
Iron Avenger
User Iron Man
Meter Cost Three
Damage 450,000
Execution Qcb+Attack x2
Mashable Yes

"Unlock Power Inhibitor! IRON AVENGER! Lock and load!"
—Iron Man

Iron Avenger is Iron Man's Level 3 Hyper Combo. Iron Man flies forward and grabs his opponent, dragging them along the ground before swiftly ascending and releasing the opponent while he arcs up and back away from them. As the opponent begins to free fall Iron Man hunches forward before thrusting his chest out and firing a supercharged Unibeam at the opponent. Being a level 3 hyper combo, this move is not subject to damage scaling.


  • This move can combo off of a canceled Unibeam very easily, and it's rather easy to continue a combo off of this move by dashing forward and using Smart Bomb canceled into Proton Cannon.
  • As a level 3 hyper, it has start-up invincibility, but it moves low to the ground so it can't hit airborne opponents.


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