Jaguar Dash
User Wesker
Jaguar Dash
Hits 5
Damage 122,600
Execution AS QCF+Attack hard
Properties Passes through foe
Jaguar Kick
Hits 1
Damage 100,000
Execution Attack hard during Jaguar Dash
Properties Knock Down

Jaguar Dash, AKA Jinsoku Idou (迅速移動, lit. "Swift Speed Movement") in Japanese, is one of Wesker's special attacks, which was originally one of his unique action commands in Resident Evil 5 (and a movement option during his initial boss battle). It can be followed up into Jaguar Kick by input Heavy attack as a followup input.

Jaguar Dash/Jinsoku Idou (迅速移動, lit. "Swift Speed Movement")Edit

Wesker rears back to dash forward across the screen to rush his enemy, dealing multiple hits and braking to a brief stop.

Even though it is not very fast, it can be useful as a long range punisher in very specific situations. If you do not cancel into Jaguar Kick, Wesker will pass through the opponent (which can cross them up). This is best used with assists for cover as it is not safe on its own.

Jaguar Kick/Gouhou Shitsu (轟砲膝, lit. "Booming Cannon Knee")Edit

The follow up to the Jaguar Dash, where Wesker leaps up with a rising knee attack at his opponent (also another move originally from Resident Evil 5 which acted as a followup from the same action).

This is a single-hit knockdown attack that puts your opponent into a midair juggle state that you can follow with a launcher. Jaguar Kick cancels into Cobra Strike as an extra followup input, and also allows you to call assists during it.


  • Call an assist during Jaguar Kick, then cancel into Cobra Strike and teleport to establish an offence at long range.
  • Always cancel Jaguar Kick into Cobra Strike if it's blocked since the kick can be punished by throws if guarded.


  • "Jaguar Kick" just happens to be the same name as the signature heel-dropping attack of Adon, a character of the Street Fighter series. Wesker has another move titled "Tiger Uppercut" which also happens to be a move of Sagat, the former mentor of Adon.
    • However, the Jaguar Kick's actual animation in the Resident Evil games is more akin to Wesker's jumping Heavy attack in MvC3. The Jaguar Kick in this game is actually his Knee Cannon attack from his home series with its Japanese name unchanged; his Jaguar Kick's actual Japanese name is the Hairyuukyaku (背流脚, lit. "Stature Flowing Leg").
    • Also in this case, Jaguar Dash is also actually his "Collide" move, or simply put, his "Dash" action. Jaguar Dash is just another name used for it here, while as with Jaguar Kick-actually-Knee Cannon, the Japanese name is unchanged.

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