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I shall restore the balance between life and death. It's time for the Dark Kingdom to rise!!

Jedah Dohma is a character from the Darkstalkers series by Capcom. He is a high noble demon from Makai. He sought to rule over Makai as he deems that the current monarch Belial Aensland, foster father of Morrigan, will plunge the realm into chaos.

Jedah is one of the antagonists and a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.



He is a dark messiah with some traits borrowed from the Shingami of Asian Mythology. He has an unique appearance of a thick body suit that shows his muscular body. His hair is not shown completely, hidden by a headdress that has a bat-like appearance and he has long and retractable finger nails as well as wings that have a metallic appearance. All of Jedah's moves are unusually gory, using his blood to attack enemies.


Jedah is a sinister person with the desire to control others, he can often come across as a relaxed, collected and intelligent supernatural being in the UDON Comics. He has a degree of arrogance in his skills when it comes to foes, be it human or otherwise and enjoys tormenting them. He can be quite sadistic too, as he is the one who sent out his group of Darkstalkers to attack Hsien-Ko's loved ones for his own amusement.

Jedah will display negative emotion by showing short fits of rage when his plans are being interfered with and to those who are against his views, but even these are quickly subdued by his demeanor. Jedah is fairly laid back and very easygoing with other supernatural beings, especially to those who would bargain with him. He also tends to snap into insane bursts of laughter regardless of his usually calm disposition, if he feels like it. He is also shown to be a gentleman when talking to women, particularly with Morrigan.

Despite being classified as evil, Jedah is normally considered to be above the concepts of good and evil, and is a bit amoral as a result. Due to the drastic measures he takes to attain his own (often skewed and distant) definition of salvation of souls, often involving wholesale destruction, he is viewed as evil by many people and beings. He is focused in achieving his goal of controlling Makai and humanity from a destiny of ruin seen by the former king of Makai, no matter what the price may be.


Being an S-Class Darkstalker, Jedah is one of the strongest beings in the Darkstalkers universe, at full power, he can create a space-time continuum (though it leaves him heavily weakened and slowly takes time for him to regrow his strength). His very blood is dangerous and can even hurt enemies and he especially likes to splash it in large waves. Splashes of his blood can reform into jagged blades, and his trademark attack, consist of a floating, rotating bloody blade. In addition, he can pump his enemies full of blood until they explode from the inside out and summon large demonic hands of blood. He can even decapitate himself or mutilate any of his body parts without suffering any ill-effects and can regenerate his body parts from these wounds.

He is fond of contorting his wings into weapons, such as forming them into spinning blades and scythes or use them as shields (as they are not actually attached to his back). He doesn't really use punches or kicks, instead relying on his wings and claws. He can extend his arms and his claws towards his foes to pierce them. He is able to absorb the souls of others from which he can instantly increase his own powers. He is capable of passing through dimensions and he can sense the energies of other beings in different realms.

All of his attacks are named in Italian.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Horizons[]

Jedah makes a cameo appearance in the comic book of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Horizons, as he was being watched by Black Panther from Africa.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite[]

Jedah is one of the main antagonists of the story and the one responsible for setting up the plan that led to the Convergence and of Ultron Sigma. Jedah visits Death and devises a plan with her that can allow her to claim the souls of both the Marvel and Capcom universe to bring a balance between life and death. Agreeing with the plan, Death uses the love Thanos has for her to do her bidding to collect all Infinity Stones for Jedah's plan. Thanos at one point brings Ultron to help him get the Reality Stone, but when he meets Sigma privately, they planned to betray Thanos (thus betraying Jedah and Death) and take the power for themselves, which they did, becoming Ultron Sigma and defeating Thanos.

Jedah, trying to stop Ultron Sigma from ruining his plans, sacrifices over one million souls to the Symbiote to build an army from the Dark Kingdom, a kingdom created when Dormammu agreed to merge his Dark Dimension with Jedah's Makai. While Doctor Strange and Arthur fight Dormammu and Firebrand, Jedah manages to retreat. Jedah is also seen talking with M.O.D.O.K. to make Symbiote B.O.W.'s for his army, but this fails due to the efforts of Chris, Frank West, Spider-Man and Haggar.

Jedah summons a massive Symbiote monster on New Metro City, hoping to get the souls necessary to create his army, however Ghost Rider and Morrigan force him to retreat, but he goes straight to the Avengers Tower, attacking Iron Man, Ryu, Hawkeye and a freed Thanos. Jedah ultimately retreats with the Soul Stone after losing a fight to Thanos.

After retreating, he goes to the Dark Dimension. Dante agree's to hunt him down by himself as he is a devil hunter and it's his job. Dante initially appears to be killed during there opening clash but manages to get back to his feet, and powers up to his Devil Trigger state. Despite possessing the Soul Stone and his own great power, Jedah proves unable to overcome the devil hunter, whom allows him to live. Dante leaves Jedah to wallow in his shock of someone like Dante being worthy of wielding the Soul Stone.

In an after-credits scene, Jedah is seen talking with Death about another way in which they can succeed with their original idea, however Thanos arrives and threatens to destroy them with the power of the Satsui no Hadou he stole from Ryu out of retribution and rage from Death's betrayal. Jedah is last seen in concern of Thanos about to launch a Metsu Hadouken.

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  • As with Nemesis, Jedah's fighting animations and its graphics have been toned down for his appearance in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, with the signature red blood of his attacks changed to be dark purple, the removal/replacement of the more explicit self-harm attacks, with things such as dismemberment and beheadings gone. Even his command grab was not included in the game, due to the graphic nature of the motion, not to mention the technicality involved in implementing such a move in 3D.
  • Jedah's fight against Dante in MvC:I's story mode may have been inspired by Jedah's ending on Capcom Fighting Evolution, in which Dante made a cameo appearance.
  • Compared to all other crossover appearances he's had (barring the aforementioned Capcom Fighting Evolution), Jedah's English voice provided by David Kaye is so far the only one that reuses the voice filter that his original Japanese voice actor, Isshin Chiba, utilizes in his home series; other crossovers Jedah has been involved in does not use the filter, even with Isshin Chiba reprising his role in those instances.

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